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 'Anime in Japan' Rules!

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'Anime in Japan' Rules! Empty
PostSubject: 'Anime in Japan' Rules!   'Anime in Japan' Rules! EmptyThu Aug 26, 2010 1:51 am

By the name of God.

May peace be upon you.

I hope you are enjoying your stay in this forum in general and the anime section in particular ..

Some rules to make your stay more enjoyable ..


1- Above all else and at all times remain respectful to every member. (The world is made of opinions)
2- There are newcomers who may not understand everything in the Anime World be nice to them and show them where they were wrong. (No need to criticize)
3- Not everyone has perfect grammar spelling, it's not necessary to point this out.
4- Don't go off topic, and if you don't find the thread interesting others do.
5- Any violent and racist comment or thread will not be tolerated!
6- Don't Spam! If you have a forum you want to share put a link to it in your profile .. If people want to visit so be it.
7- Don't use text short cuts they are annoying!
8- If you Copy-paste your thread please state that you did so.
9- Read the Global Anouncement for forum rules.


*Spoiler Rules*

1- If your topic is about something that has yet to happen the anime post it in the manga
2- In the beginning of a spoiler thread state that it is in fact a spoiler thread! (Example: 'This has spoiler content to those who didn't watch Ep.17')


Keep checking the rules..

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'Anime in Japan' Rules!
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