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 Fastest Selling DS game in History since 2004

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PostSubject: Fastest Selling DS game in History since 2004   Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:14 pm

Pokemon Black & White has already gone platinum, and it's not even out yet! Pokemon Co. announced today that the game has topped a million units in pre-orders.

As of the 22nd, total consumer pre-orders for Black & White have reached 1.08 million units (according to Media Create tracking data). Pre-orders started on July 31.

This is a new speed record for the DS platform, Pokemon Co. says. The company expects pre-orders to top the 1.5 million mark ahead of the game's September 18 release.

This makes A game "not even out yet" The best selling DS game to Date , Which the Pokemon Co. Mentioned , A new Break Record

[url=Pokemon Black & White Tops One Million Pre-orders]Source[/url]


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Fastest Selling DS game in History since 2004
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